'25 feet high tricolor' to be hoisted on August 15 America's Times Square

'25 feet high tricolor' to be hoisted on August 15 America's Times Square 

A large population of the Indian diaspora lives in America. After China, the population of Indian people is the largest in America. Wherever the Indian diaspora lives across the world, they never forget to celebrate their festivals. Apart from Holi, Diwali, Independence Day is also celebrated with great enthusiasm. The Indian diaspora living in America hoists the tricolor on August 15 every year at Times Square.

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This time, an organization representing the Indian diaspora in the United States of America (US) has said that on August 15, 2021, the biggest tricolor will be hoisted at Times Square in New York. According to the Federation of Indian Associations (FIA), Consul General of India Randhir Jaiswal will unfurl the tricolor on a 25-feet pole in New York.

The day will end with a grand cruise on the Hudson River on the evening of August 15th. The event will be attended by top government officials, special guests and members of the Indian American community. The Independence Day message will also be displayed on the largest Jumbotron in Times Square for 24 hours.

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FIA President Anil Bansal said that the organization will also hoist the Indian tricolor in Rhode Island. Last year, the FIA ​​hoisted the Indian flag at Times Square on India's 74th Independence Day. It was also the first time that the Indian national flag was hoisted in the iconic New York City.

According to PTI, FIA President Ankur Vaidya had said that he wants to hoist the tricolor at Times Square every year. “We want to continue this tradition. This year we are unfurling the largest tricolor ever flown over Times Square.

He said that our aim is to create a community that will be for the betterment of the generations to come. We have to unite the community.

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