Anant Chaturdashi: Anant Chaturdashi fasting today, know here the time of worship and other important things

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 Anant Chaturdashi: Anant Chaturdashi Vrat will be celebrated on Bhadrapada Shukla Chaturdashi Tithi in Shatabhisha Nakshatra on Sunday. Devotees will observe a fast on Anant Chaturdashi while worshiping the creator Nirguna Brahma Narayan with devotion. In Kshirsagar made of milk-curd, Panchamrit etc., by churning the infinite God made of Kush, we will worship it duly. In the worship of Shrihari, offering pink and yellow flowers, perfume mixed with flowers to the Lord brings good luck. For the fulfillment of special wishes, devotees can offer Bhringraj leaves, Shamipatra, Tulsi leaves and Manjari, Dhatri leaves to the infinite God.

Auspicious time for Anant Chaturdashi Puja

Chaturdashi Tithi:- Whole day

Char Muhurta: 07:09 am to 08:41 am

Labh Yoga: 08:41 am to 10:12 am

Amrit Muhurta: 10:12 am to 11:43 am

Abhijeet Muhurta:- 11:19 pm to 12:07 pm

Akinchanya Dharma is to give up anger, greed and illusion.

Here, on the ninth day of Jain Mahaparva Paryushan, peace and worship was done in Jain temples like Digambar Jain Temple, Mithapur, Kadamkua, Muradpur etc. MP Jain told that in Mithapur Digambar Jain temple, Brahmachari Sumat Bhaiya, who came from Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, performed musical worship of human religion Akinchanya. Manoj Pujari, who came from Indore, assisted in the worship. Deepak Kasliwal Jain performed Shantidhara for the ninth day. Rishabh Chhabra did the first Kalash and lamp lighting.

Brahmachari Sumat Bhaiya said that the ninth day of the Paryushan festival is called 'Uttam Akinchanya'. The word akshachanya means one who has nothing. The name of being empty is akinchanya. For example, when a seeker renounces anger, pride, delusion, greed and super-substances etc. On the other hand, in the Kadamkuan Jain temple, the worship of Uttam Akinchanya Dharma on Paryushan was performed by Brahmacharini Archana Didi and Brahmacharini Manju Didi, who came from Rajasthan.

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