Cowboys at Chargers score, takeaways: Dallas boots Los Angeles on Greg Zuerlein's last-second field goal

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 It turned out to be a bare-knee brawl in Week 2, complete with wild and crazy incidents for both teams, in which the Dallas Cowboys fled Sophie Stadium in a narrow 20-17 win over the Los Angeles Chargers. Both teams were dealing with injuries at key positions, so as things went on at Sophie Stadium, it was important to keep an eye on both teams' adjustments.

It had everything, from questionable coaching decisions to controversial substitute calls and non-calls, and even an issue with timing on the scoreboard towards the end of the game - per head coach Mike McCarthy - which led to a watch- Management mistake that almost cost the game of Cowboys. It all set the stage for an electric finish in Los Angeles, and that's exactly what we were treated to. In the end, it was a 56-yard kick by Greg Zurlein, a player who fielded at least four points in Week 1 for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, that sealed the deal for the Cowboys and acted as a final gut. did. Punch for a talented Chargers team that just couldn't go out of its way.

Football Football.

And no, I'm not talking about the kind you eat for breakfast, I'm talking about the kind that allowed cowboys to digest their many flaws without getting acid reflux. This is a team that finished with eight penalties for a total of 76 yards and while the Chargers had more, it was the untimely moment when Dallas saw the flags that nearly buried their hopes at Sophie Stadium, but they continued. Climbed out of the grave, time and again, Michael Jackson might have asked him to be in the "Thriller" video.

Dak Prescott didn't throw for 400 yards, but he didn't, as the Cowboys took what the Chargers had given them and this led to an explosive day in the rapid attack - Tony Pollard's lead with 109 yards on 13 Ezekiel carries 71 yards on a 16 carry from Elliott and fuels extra, both providing only two touchdowns on the afternoon for the Cowboys. So, again, cowboys don't need balance. What they need is a win, and getting into the habit weekly will help increase their odds of stacking it.

Last but obviously not least, give credit to a Cowboys defense that is often discredited, but intercepted Justin Herbert twice and allowed only one passing touchdown, while Austin Eckler and the Chargers ran a lid on the game as well. keeping. They weren't perfect, but when Dallas needed them the most, they got down and sent Herbert packing.

why did the chargers lose

It looks familiar to Chargers fans: Herbert couldn't do it alone.

Like his stellar rookie season, Herbert had the Chargers in position to move away from the Cowboys, but they just couldn't. It's true that the young quarterback has to lay some of the blame on his feet for this—throwing the above two infractions—as some of his youthful mistakes compounded problems for Los Angeles. But on a day when he watched as he combined with wide Keenan Allen (108 receiving yards) for a strong 338 passing yards on 31 completions in 41 attempts, you have to wonder what the game would have been like if the defense had received more than a takeaway. .

Going into the game, all-pro pass rusher Joy Bossa did all she could to avoid talking about what it would take to tackle Terence Steele, but Bossa ended up with only three combined tackles and no sack. As a matter of fact, the Chargers' pass Rush struggled along the Cowboys offensive line throughout the afternoon, sacking Prescott only once in four quarters and failing to stop consistent doses of Pollard, Elliott and CD Lamb - the latter. Reeling catches with nine goals in 81 yards or so.

The Chargers secondary struggled in large part as Prescott remained on his feet for the majority of the game, and keeping the key on Prescott combined with the loss of defensive tackle Justin Jones combined with a soft run through the Cowboys. To make a defensive middle. Herbert deserves some blame, of course, but let's not pretend the Chargers couldn't have asked for more from their top defensive playmates either.


It looked more like a movie with a hundred plot twists than an actual football game, so it was hard to pick one. I mean, there's an 18-yard sack by Micah Parsons, there's the kicker penalty that joins other Cowboy errors that almost gave the Chargers the win, etc. But when you get right down to it, arguably the most important game was scored by Damonte Cazi - who dropped four points from the Chargers' final score with this red-zone interception.

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