Happy Daughters' Day 2021: Wishes, messages, quotes, greetings, WhatsApp and Facebook status to share to youre femily

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 Daughters Day is one of the priceless events celebrated in India on the fourth Sunday of September every year. This year, the special day is being celebrated today on 26th September.

Happy Daughters' Day 2021
Happy Daughters' Day 2021

Daughter Day 2021 Wishes and Greetings:

This is the day to pamper your princess with love, care and delicious delicacies. Also, through this day, people aim to create awareness about gender inequality in the nation and encourage parents to let their daughters fulfill their dreams without worrying about the society.

 Daughters are the most beautiful and magical creation in the life of their parents. A daughter illuminates and softens the hearts of her mother and father. She combines colour, sound and beauty to make this earth a better place. Happy Daughters Day!

 Oh dear daughter, you have made me so proud. We will always pray for your success and prosperity. Keep shining and keep smiling. Happy Daughters Day!

 Daughters are special; No doubt, once we have them without us, we can never live. Happy Daughters Day!

Whenever I am sad, my daughter, I only think of you, because your smiling face lights up my life. Happy Daughters Day!

So as people across India are celebrating Daughter's Day 2021, here are some wishes, messages and quotes that you can share with your lovely daughters:

 Do you know how much you mean to me? What will you be as you grow? You have come from within, right from the bottom of my heart. This is who you will always be, however your own life begins now. Happy Daughters Day!

My dear daughter, my child you will always be there, no matter where you are. You are a small part of me, even if you are far away. happy daughters day

The best moment of my life was when I held you in my arms for the first time. I am lucky to have a daughter like you! Happy Daughters Day!

Happy Daughters Day! May you keep putting smiles on our faces and constantly reminding us that we have done a great job in raising you.

 Sunshine and flowers and sea and tide - you are its center. I love you and Happy Daughters Day!

 If you can see that when I see you, you definitely love you too. Happy Daughters Day!

Daughter Day 2021 Quotes:

 "You are my angel, you remind me of the good in this world and inspire me to be the greatest version of myself"

"Daughter may be bigger than your lap but will never hold your heart"

 "My daughter is my biggest achievement. She is a little star and ever since she arrived, my life has changed a lot for the better"

 "We mothers are learning to mark our maternal success by the long flight of our daughters"

"A mother and a daughter always have a special relationship, which is engraved on their hearts"

 "Someday when the pages of my life end, I know you are one of the most beautiful chapters"

"For an aging father, nothing is more important than a daughter"

Daughter Day 2021 Messages:

 Seeing you grow up so talented, beautiful and talented fills me with so much purpose. I just love that you are my daughter. Happy Daughter's Day!

 You will always be my child in my eyes. Don't move too fast, little one. I love you!

 My dear daughter, my child you will always be there, no matter where you are. You are a small part of me, even if you are far away. Happy Daughters Day!

 What is sunshine to the flowers, and what are the tides to the sea, nowhere is it important to have you in my life. I love you darling, Happy Daughters Day!

 No matter where you want to go or what to do with your life, I will always be your biggest fan. It's because you are my daughter, and I will love you forever.

 Oh my son is my son until he gets a wife, but my daughter is my daughter. Happy Daughter's Day!

 A daughter is the best thing that can happen to you because a daughter fills your heart with magic and love. happy daughter day

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