PM Modi Birthday Live: 71st PM Modi, BJP is organizing a grand event, Rahul said - Happy Birthday, Modiji

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 Prime Minister Narendra Modi will celebrate his 71st birthday on 17 September. PM Modi was born in the year 1950. According to numerology, people born on 17th, 8th and 26th have a radix number 8. The planet Saturn has a special effect on people with this number. These people are considered to be of serious nature. They love discipline in their life. Know what other characteristics are there in the people of this radix…

Whatever work people with Radix 8 do, they do it quietly. No one can guess when this will happen. They do not like to show off at all. Being influenced by the planet Saturn, people of this number are considered to be very hardworking and honest. They take breath only by completing the work they take in their hands. Nothing is impossible for them. They easily mold under any circumstances.

People with radix number 8 believe in karma more than luck. People with this number get success after a lot of hard work. These people are not able to share their heart with everyone. Their number of friends is also less. People of this radix have different thinking. They always do such things that immediately they come in limelight.

Once the people of this number set a goal, then they make every effort to fulfill it. No matter how many difficulties they have to face to achieve that goal. They don't get discouraged quickly. They have a wonderful art of making impossible things possible. Perhaps their stubborn nature drives them to do so. If he once decided to do something, then no one can shake him from his decision.

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