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World Heart Day is celebrated every year on 29 September to raise awareness about heart diseases among the general public.

World Heart Day: Message,Quotes and Greetings - It reminds people to talk openly about their heart related problems and adopt healthy practices that can help in maintaining a strong and fit heart.

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World Heart Day: wishes,

 World Heart Day: Message,Quotes & Wishes

1. A very Happy World Heart Day to those people who keep smiling despite battling heart diseases every day.

2. Your life will continue to beat as long as your healthy heart continues to beat.

3. On this World Heart Day, let's make sure everyone knows how important it is to take proper heart care.

4. Keep smiling and be happy, that's all it takes to keep your heart healthy.

5. Once you face any kind of problem, do not hesitate and ensure proper investigation as things may prove to be disastrous in future.

6. On this World Heart Day, promise to keep your and your family members' hearts fit by taking proper care of them.

7. Cardiovascular problems destroy you before they destroy you.

8.This World Heart Day, take a pledge to give up fast food, deep-fried food, red meat and sugary cereals to maintain a healthy heart condition.

9. Simplest problem cannot be solved without healthy heart, thus, keep your heart healthy.

10. On World Heart Day, let's find out how running a few kilometers, exercising and eating a healthy diet on a daily basis can increase the duration of your heartbeat.

11. On the occasion of World Heart Day, request all your loved ones to go for heart check-up.

World Heart Day: Message,Quotes & Wishes

12. Make your life simple and comfortable while maintaining a healthy heart. Happy World Heart Day.

13. Your heartbeat should be free from complications in order to lead a healthy and active life. Happy World Heart Day.

14. Life becomes a pleasant journey for you if you have a heart that beats correctly. Happy World Heart Day.

15. The basis of your life is your heart and you cannot ignore any of its problems at any cost. Happy World Heart Day.

World Heart Day: Message,Quotes & Wishes

16. Stop taking things lightly in the present because sometimes it can prove to be disastrous in the future. Happy World Heart Day.

17. On World Heart Day, let us recognize the fact that heartbeat is the most important component of our life as it ensures our survival. Happy World Heart Day.

18. It all depends on our habits and practices, if they prove to be harmful for our heart then we should start changing them from the occasion of World Heart Day.

World Heart Day: Message,Quotes & Wishes

19. Any slight problem of your heart can prove to be fatal in future, so start treating them seriously from the occasion of World Heart Day.

20. On World Heart Day, let us take a pledge that we will never do anything in life that is against the goodness of our heart.

21. On World Heart Day, let's learn the art of winning hearts.

22. You only have one heart, so make sure you give all your attention to its well being. Happy World Heart Day.

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