Happy World Egg Day 2021: Quotes, Wishes Date, Themes,history & Ideas

World Egg Day 2021 Theme, Slogan, Quotes, Logo, Status, Activities,history & Ideas

World Egg Day Celebrate 2nd Friday on 9th October

The aspect behind the day was to raise awareness about the important nutritional benefits of eggs in our bodies. The day helps to appreciate egg producers and increases and spreads egg eating as part of our balanced diet.

Happy World Egg Day 2021: Quotes, Wishes

Organizing large scale activities and events, many countries around the world now celebrate World Egg Day. Raising awareness is very important as eggs play a vital role in feeding families across the world.

There is no substitute for eggs for versatility and good quality protein at a low price. People from different provinces voluntarily participate in the celebration.

This year Egg Day is on Friday, 9 October (celebrated on the second Friday in October). This day creates possibilities for everyone to know a lot about the benefits of eggs.

The purpose of celebrating this day is on one hand to allow souls around the world to understand that eggs are healthy food and should be included in our regular diet. On the other hand, eggs are quite economical in price.

The day also seeks to appreciate and appreciate the contribution of farmers who take care of the chicks to lay eggs on our tables.

World Egg Day 2021 Theme

The interesting fact is that people from different countries across the world celebrate this day with great enthusiasm and the fame of this day is increasing continuously.

This year's theme is "Eat your egg today and every day". With this theme, the festival emphasizes the importance of eggs in our daily nutrition and inspires us to add eggs and egg dishes to our regular intake.

Celebrate World Egg Day 2021

People around the world like to honor World Egg Day by organizing various activities and events such as giving free eggs, hosting fun days at school, educational broadcasts on social media and supporting sessions, with egg recipes Eating favorites, contests, cooking shows, etc.

You will not notice any country on the planet where the widespread use of eggs is not present in its classical cuisine. That's why people gracefully recognize this day to make it an unforgettable day.

Facts for World Egg Day

Eggs are considered one of the most excellent sources of protein available.

About 9 percent of the content in eggs is fat.

Eggs also contain cholesterol.

Eggs are one of the most commonly consumed animal products on Earth.

happy world egg day wishes

We have some of the best wishes for you to make your day truly remarkable. Below are our collected best wishes for you.

Today is October 9th, and it is International Egg Day 2021. Include eggs in your daily diet and open the door to breathing healthy life.

Happy World Egg Day. Eat eggs as they are an excellent source of energy and stay active.

Eggs are a surprisingly versatile ingredient for both spicy and sweet dishes. Give it a try, and cheers—happy World Egg Day to you.

Make your life enjoyable by admiring eggs, eating eggs and tasting eggs. Happy World Egg Day.

happy world egg day quotes

Happy Marking World Egg Day. Eggs are a great source of energy.

Eggs are a priceless source of protein, healthy for bones and brain, and rich in omega-3s. Wishing you all a wonderful Egg Day!

Eggs are essential for individual nutrition. Eat eggs, love eggs and enjoy eggs.

On World Egg Day let's recognize the importance of eggs in our daily life.

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