Kerala School Reopening Guidelines: Only 10 Students Allowed in Each Class for Offline Classes, Get Details Here

Kerala School Reopening Guidelines: Only 10 Students Allowed in Each Class for Offline Classes, Get Details Here

Kerala School Reopening Update: Kerala State Government has issued guidelines for reopening of schools and conduct of offline physical classes in consultation with education and health departments.

Kerala School Reopening Guidelines

With schools scheduled to open in phases for different classes over the next week, the state education department has taken special care of ensuring safe return of the students to classroom for offline classes. The guidelines released by Kerala Government also provide instructions to school administrators and teachers about resumption of offline classes for the students on campus. Check out the new Kerala School Reopening Guidelines and the COVID-19 precautionary protocols that are to be followed by teachers, students and staff-members here.

Only 10 Students per Class Allowed

Taking special care about safety, health and well-being of the students, the Kerala School Education Department’s new guidelines for school reopening has allowed only 10 students per class for offline classes during the initial phase. This rule has been applied for Class 1 to 4 students only. For higher classes, i.e. Class 5 to 12 students, a maximum of 20 students have been allowed to attend on-campus physical classes at a time. Moreover, to avoid crowding of students on campus and common areas, schools have been instructed to follow staggered class timings and different scheduled sessions for different class students.
Kerala School Reopening Guidelines – Key Highlights

Some of the most important highlights from the Kerala School Reopening Guidelines issued by the state government are listed below:
Spaced Seating Arrangements: The guidelines prescribe that a maximum of 1 student will be allowed to sit on a bench for offline classes for students of upto Class 7. From Class 8 and above, 2 students have been allowed to sit on a single bench.
No Mid-Day / Afternoon Meals: During the initial phase of school reopening, schools have been asked not to serve mid-day meals or afternoon meals to the students.
Sanitization of Premises / Classroom: School administrators have been asked to ensure through sanitization of classrooms, laboratories and all other common areas that may be accessed by students.
Health Check-up Centres: Schools have been advised to setup health check-up centres on campus, which may hold surprise health checks on students and teachers to look for symptoms of COVID-19 and isolate any students or staff-members who might be suffering from it.
Masks, Hand Sanitization and Social Distancing: Students, teachers, and staff must wear masks, maintain social distancing, and sanitize their hands regularly.

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