World Post Day 2021: Quotes, Message, Images, Wishes & Theme

World Post Day 2021: Quotes, Message, Images, Wishes & Theme


World Post Day 2021: It is considered as a commemoration of Universal Postal Union (UPU), which started functioning in Switzerland in 1874 in the Swiss capital Bern. The UPU Congress held in Tokyo, Japan declared this day as World Post Day in 1969. World Post Day Messages and Wishes.

World Post Day 2021: Quotes, Message, Images, Wishes & Theme
World Post Day 2021: Quotes, Message, Images, Wishes & Theme

World Post Day 2021: Quotes,

Since then, various countries around the world have participated in the annual festivals.

Postings in different countries use the World Post Day program to introduce or promote new postal products and services.

The first proposal to celebrate the day was made by a member of the Indian team Mr. Anand Mohan Narula.

According to the United Nations, the purpose of celebrating International Postal Day is to increase the postal sector in the daily lives of people and businesses and to increase its contribution to international social and economic development.

World Post Day Wishes Quotes

The Postal Service is the most important center for the American people. It should be saved. happy world post day

The postal service employs more than half a million people - and its history is long and complicated.

I am just an actor, I am an actor…. If you want to send messages, there is a postal service. world post day quotes

A lot of effort is being made to dismantle public safety, public schools, the post office - whatever benefits the community should be disbanded. The efforts to counter the US Postal Service are particularly surreal.

There are many arrogant, arrogant, self-centered, middle class people who work for US companies that need to send emails to another email channel that delivers.

world postal day message

The book is the most important reminder one can leave behind. "

"Handwritten love letters will never get old."

"Sending a letter is a great way to get nothing but a heart."

“In times like ours, we may be given letters to write. We forget how important it was in people's lives. "

"In addition to hugs, bullets connect spirits."

"Expected Books Packed in Packets."

"Writing a book is like thinking." world post day theme

"It's a pleasure to read and write old books and cards."

"Books serve as useful and useful indicators."

"Handwritten letters are more important than e-mails and digital messages."

Objective of celebrating World Post Day

World Post Day aims to raise awareness about the role of the postal sector in individuals and businesses on a daily basis.

It is celebrated to allow people to contribute to the social and economic development of countries.

Celebrations are encouraged to encourage countries to take up various activities to raise awareness among the public and media about their role and functions at the national level.

Importance of World Post Day

The theme for this year's World Post Day 2021 is "Innovate to Recover"!

The theme of 2020 is "Tell us about the world you want to grow up in".

The themes for 2019 are "Posts make their way in social media" and "Write a book that explains how music can impact lives".

The best theme for 2018 was "The Post Delivering for People and Business Daily".

The theme of 2017 was "Write your favorite athlete or athlete to explain what the Olympic Games mean to you".

The theme for 2016 was "The Post, a very important public service".

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