World Post Day 2021: Quotes,History and significance all you need to know

World Post Day 2021: Quotes,History and significance all you need to know


World Post Day is observed every year on 9 October across the world to mark the anniversary of the founding of the Universal Postal Union (UPU). The UPA was established in the year 1874 in Switzerland. The postal system has been working for many centuries

World Post Day 2021: Quotes,History.

From personal letters and important documents to e-commerce and online shopping packages, postal services deal with everything.

Due to digitization, people have moved to digital medium to parcel their goods, but postal services still hold an important place in the society.

History and Significance

World Post Day was first celebrated in 1969 at the UPU Congress in Tokyo, Japan. It was presented by an Indian delegation named Shri Anand Mohan Narula and since then, World Post Day is celebrated across the world to highlight the importance of postal services.

Every year, 192 member countries of the UPU celebrate World Post Day to mark the importance of Universal Mail and the contribution of UPU to society and the global economy. Countries organize special stamp exhibitions and launch new postal initiatives. India organizes a week long festival every year on the week of 9 October.

World Post Day 2020: Quotes

"The postal service is huge—it employs more than half a million people—and has a long and complicated history"

"Thank God the postal services were invented, or else the pigeons would be our support!"

"Who thought it would be so easy to send notes, letters, or gifts over the post! The postal services have made our lives easier"

"The infrastructure of nations around the world has grown enormously because of the postal service"

“It is important to mail packages so that they reach their destinations, even as those packages must go to several places before they arrive.”

"The post office always sends things to the people so that it is easy for everyone to keep in touch and of course be positive about how the society is developing."

"Respect the service that brings people closer every day."

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