IBM Maximo Software: Pricing,About IBM Maximo, Features, Suite, Service, Configuration

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IBM Maximo Software: Pricing,About IBM Maximo, Features, Suite, Service, Configuration
 IBM Maximo Software: Pricing,About IBM Maximo, Features, Suite, Service, Configuration

IBM Maximo is a web-based Computer Maintenance Management System (CMMS) solution, leader in the world.

IBM Maximo is an Enterprise asset management solution (equipment, installations, buildings, etc) and services including; purchasing, inventory, management of locations, service desk, and work planning. IBM Maximo was built based on world wide best practice and continues to evolve based on client experience and feedback.

IBM Maximo Pricing

Pricing information is available on inquiry.

Starting price:
$250.00 per month

Free trial:

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About IBM Maximo

IBM Maximo is an asset management solution that combines enterprise asset management with maintenance management. From a single system, companies can monitor and manage the full lifecycle of their enterprise assets, including facilities, communications, transportation, production, infrastructure, hardware, software, and more. This centralized functionality ensures that users have visibility and control of asset conditions and processes, whilst minimizing downtime. IBM Maximo includes a full suite of tools, including inventory and asset management, predictive and preventive maintenance, analytic reporting, and a work order management feature. With IBM Maximo, users can maintain all asset types across multiple sites or locations, set up new assets, and upgrade enterprise asset management (EAM) software automatically in order to enhance uptime. The solution also offers reporting, KPIs, and dashboards in order to help administrators collaborate and view trends. IBM Maximo is deployable in the cloud or on premise and is accessible from almost any device. There is no software or hardware for the user to install or maintain and systems administration and regular updates are included with the software. IBM Maximo pricing is based on the number of users and varies depending on whether it is deployed on-premise or in the cloud.


IBM Maximo includes a variety of configuration tools for the user interface, to change the application page layouts, labels and even add customer defined content. Furthermore, more than 25 language are available. Once installed languages can then be modified for regional variances.

IBM Maximo comes with process automation and workflow. Advanced role and access definition require administrative level access. It includes tools to automate notifications within the system, as well as to send email notification for Maximo users and non-users of Maximo.

IBM Maximo easily integrates with common ERP systems, such as Oracle, SAP and Microsoft, via plug-and-play adapters. It can publish and use web services for targeted system integration. As well, IBM Maximo can support custom integration for existing or home-grown systems. IBM Maximo is a modern web-based CMMS solution that is scalable and adaptable.

IBM Maximo Software: Pricing,About IBM Maximo, Features, Suite, Service, Configuration
 IBM Maximo Software: Pricing,About IBM Maximo, Features, Suite, Service, Configuration

What is IBM Maximo?

IBM Maximo is an asset management platform which combines enterprise asset management with maintenance management. Using a single system, companies can track and manage the entire lifecycle of enterprise assets including communications, production, hardware, facilities, software, transportation and much more. This centralized functionality enables users to have control and visibility over assets’ condition and processes, while minimizing downtime.

It consists of a full suite of tools such as inventory management, predictive and predictive maintenance, work order management and analytic reporting. Users can maintain all types of assets across various sites and locations, set up new assets and upgrade EAM software to enhance uptime. The platform supports reporting, creating KPIs and dashboards to help technicians collaborate and view trends. It is deployable in the cloud or on premise and can be accessed from almost every device.

What’s included in the Maximo Application Suite

IBM Maximo Asset Management is a comprehensive core module which supports regular asset tracking throughout the enterprise. It helps users to categorize items using conditional expressions in the asset template and define class, sequences, identity and other features. The platform enables users to manage material allocation using preventive maintenance and track status updates on work orders, inventory and much more.

Asset Lifecycle Management: IBM Maximo asset management module offers 360-degree lifecycle management features. It is the core module of the IBM Maximo software and brings a centralized data system to track asset movements, failures and performance across the enterprise. Using this asset management solution, you can optimize maintenance across various types of vehicle assets such as trucks, cars and buses. The solution provides critical insights into important vehicular information including driver logs, maintenance schedules, vehicle status, fuel management, meter history and warranty recovery.

Work Orders: IBM Maximo is a cloud-based system that combines asset and maintenance management in one mobile-ready platform. Users can manage and monitor the full life-cycle of all work orders and transactions. It allows users to create, change, track, print work orders and create new work order hierarchies. The platform automates work order requests through material availability and resource planning. And, it helps users to plan preventive maintenance for asset groups in different locations, supervise inspections through intuitive Maximo UI and oversee push-notifications from any locations.

Users can add price schedules and customer agreements directly to the work orders integrated with them. They can view pricing and costs information, including referenced pricing agreement, minimum pricing in the “view costs and prices” window. You can view a list of complete billed order batches for a work order in the “view customer billing history” window. Maximo EAM enables users to review detailed information about customer agreements, bill batch, prices, copy status and cost.

Inventory Management: IBM Maximo offers a modular approach to asset management that streamlines processes for reliability and predictive maintenance. By bringing data together from disparate sources, users can get visibility into their assets’ conditions in real-time. It provides master vendor information regarding prices of contracts, supply, lead-time, etc., ensuring availability of inventory at numerous locations. It allows users to put blanket orders and offers reorder, safety stock point updates and automate purchase requisitions for necessary parts of inventory.

Maintenance Management: IBM Maximo asset management helps users to create workflows and manage asset performance in its entire lifecycle. It ensures regulatory compliance and allows users to create a template for custom report generation. It helps users schedule maintenance activities and showcase reports on interruptions, shutdowns and turnarounds, thus, improving response times to faults to improve operational efficiencies.

Integrations: IBM Maximo empowers business operators by providing them full IoT integrations. It means that you can capture data from different sources like sensors, people and devices for better visibility into assets’ performance. Maximo asset management solution supports APIs and provides mobile asset manager for mobile integration. Maximo lets users create and change workflows using Maximo workflow designer applications and show notifications that might be needed at different levels.

Reporting: IBM Maximo Asset Management offers powerful reporting and BI features. It lets users report and audit capabilities of more than 150 types of reports. Users can visualize and analyze huge data types, take pre-emptive actions, and follow changes to the attributes of the asset. It supports KPI creation within the KPI template and manager application. It enables color-coding and shows KPIs for extra data analysis. Maximo lets users track faults using a failure reporting tool in the asset based on predefined failure metrics.

What are the Benefits of IBM Maximo as a Service

Ease of management: When a Maximo customer works with a cloud provider, they get less burden than with an on-premises implementation. It means that you can concentrate on more meaningful work. With Maximo as a Service, the cloud provider handles maintenance, management, freeing the company’s staff to work on strategic business initiatives.

Optimal security: The ideal MaaS provider provides top security for Maximo. A provider that is ISO 27001 certified goes through yearly audits to ensure proper security policies are in place for management of the assets. It becomes accountable for Maximo security and compliance. Also, it offers a secure data center environment, encryption and many other security tools such as security information, firewall, multifactor authentication and event management.

Continuous upgrades and patches: The MaaS provider ensures that your software is up to date and free of bugs. This reduces risk by eliminating vulnerabilities that can be taken advantage of by hackers. They also provide enhancements and small releases that aren’t part of the version update.

Greater availability: A MaaS provider’s service level agreement guarantees you a greater level of availability for IBM Maximo. They offer 24/7 monitoring to handle any performance concerns. End-to-end performance monitoring allows notifications to be sent in case the system experiences bottlenecks or downtime.

Gain support without losing control: IT support team with on-premise Maximo need not worry about losing their job if Maximo moves to cloud. Maas helps them to work on exciting projects instead of devoting their crucial attention to routine tasks. It supports network, storage, data centers, virtualization, servers, operating systems, applications and databases. Asset data belongs to customers and is solely managed by them.

We understand a Maximo upgrade is not just for holidays– it’s for life.
So, we would like to offer you our assistance in helping you know Maximo better with a free demo of our EAM Mobile application solution – EAM360. Please reach out to us if you have any questions, our enterprise asset management experts would be happy to help.

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