Farmer Day 2021(kishan diwas): Wishes, messages quotes, WhatsApp and Facebook status

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 Every year on 23 December, people across India celebrate National Farmers Day, also known as Farmers Day. This day is celebrated to honor and acknowledge the contribution of farmers in our lives. Apart from this, the day also marks the birth anniversary of the fifth Prime Minister of India, Chaudhary Charan Singh.

Farmer Day 2021(kishan diwas)
Farmer Day 2021(kishan diwas)

In recognition of Chaudhary Charan Singh's contribution to the agriculture sector and farmers' welfare, in 2001 the Government of India decided to celebrate Chaudhary Charan Singh's birthday as Kisan Diwas. Charan Singh played an important role in the upliftment and development of Indian farmers and agriculture sector.

This day creates awareness among the people about the importance of farmers and agriculture sector in the development of India. On this day, awareness campaigns and campaigns are organized across the country to inform people about the role of farmers and their contribution to the economy.

In this article, we have given farmers day wishes and quotes that you can share with your family and friends.

Farmers Day 2021 Wishes:

*These are the ones who put their heart and soul to give life to the soil and give us food. Let us thank them for their efforts and salute their hard work. Happy Farmer's Day.

*Farmers Day is a reminder to all that we should respect, thank and appreciate the hard work of our farmers who work hard to give us food.

*Farmers are the real heroes because with their dedication and effort, they turn the barren land into food producing land. Let's salute him on Farmers Day.

*Jai jawan jai kisan! What a farmer sees by getting his blood to the soil of the country!

The best way to respect the farmer is to respect him by not wasting his produce. Happy Farmer's Day.

Farmer's hard work is the same in every season and season and that is why we eat food on our plate every day. Happy Farmer's Day.

*First and foremost the person we should thank for the food on our plate are the farmers. Wishing you a very Happy Farmer's Day.

National Farmers Day 2021 Quotes:

*"If agriculture goes bad, no one else in the country will get a chance to be right": MS Swaminathan

*"Only the farmer who sows the seeds honestly in the spring reaps the crop in the fall" : B.C. Forbes

*"Farming is a profession of hope": Brian Brett

* "I have said time and again that the future belongs to nations with grain, not of guns": M.S. Swaminathan

*Farmers are the backbone of our country. Let us pay tribute to him on this special occasion. Happy National Farmers Day

*Farmers Day is an important day as it celebrates the contribution of the farmers who feed us. Happy Farmer's Day!

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