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Life Insurance Quotes


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Shopping for life insurance involves diligent research and attention to detail. With so many options available and so much at stake, it can be trying to figure out where to start.


That's why provides you with accurate life insurance quotes online. We provide quote information from top-rated insurance companies so you can easily and quickly gather and compare details to choose the company and plan that best suits your needs and the needs of your family.

Final expenses and burial insurance

Most insurance companies target senior potential customers with final expense and burial insurance whole life policies.

These policies are also no-exam products and the underwriting guidelines are very liberal and in most cases, it is easy for seniors to qualify.

These are whole life policies that are used to cover final expenses such as funeral and burial expenses and these expenses are not left to the bereaved family members to pay out of pocket.

For seniors who do not medically qualify for coverage, many carriers offer guaranteed issue policies where virtually anyone living can purchase life insurance. Yes, guaranteed issue policies are more expensive because insurance companies agree to accept an unknown medical risk.

Like traditional whole life insurance policies, final expense policies offer the same guarantees and benefits:

Death benefit assured for the life of the policy

The policy cannot be canceled by the company for any reason other than non-payment

Once issued, the monthly premium cannot be increased for any reason

The policy builds cash value over time that earns tax-deferred interest

The cash account can be accessed by the policy owner through policy loan, withdrawal or surrender for cash

Your privacy is important to us

We know how important your privacy is, so we've designed our quote tool so you can access our database of quotes without having to enter your personal information beforehand.

While other life insurance quote tools require your name, contact details and other sensitive information before you show any term life insurance quotes online, does not retain this information until you decide to apply for one of the policies listed. does not ask for

Life insurance quotes you can use

Why struggle with life insurance quote engines that show a multitude of confusing, outdated or irrelevant information when you need simple, fast and accurate details?

Now is the time to receive instant quotes that will set you on the path to choosing the best protection for you and your loved ones. Get started today with our life insurance quote tool, and be sure to check out our FAQs and recent blog posts for discussions related to important life insurance news and information today.

You can always contact for answers to any of your questions regarding online life insurance quotes; Give us a call or contact us online today!

Comprehensive life insurance quote tool features a comprehensive, easy-to-use life insurance quote tool that will allow you to access an insurance industry database of term life insurance quotes online (as well as universal life insurance quotes).

You can easily compare multiple quotes at any time of the day or night, without having to speak to an agent to do so. If you prefer to speak with one of our licensed agents, however, is available to answer any questions you may have.

Instant Quote Insurance Products represents most of the top-rated insurance companies and can offer instant quotes on many popular products.

The life insurance industry has become extremely competitive and as a result, individuals, families and businesses can purchase life insurance at incredibly low rates.

Term Life Insurance

As the most affordable life insurance product on the market, term insurance has become especially popular with growing families who typically build up significant debt while establishing their families.

Since term can be purchased for policy periods ranging from 5 to 40 years, many breadwinners rely on term insurance to replace their income if they die unexpectedly.

Healthy individuals are able to purchase a $1,000,000 20-year term life insurance policy for less than $35 per month. Additionally, most term policies can be converted to permanent policies prior to termination without proof of insurability.

No Exam Term Life Insurance

If, like many of our potential customers, you are not willing to undergo a life insurance exam and provide a blood/urine sample, represents several companies that offer term life insurance policies up to $1 million without the need for a medical exam.

We often talk to people who are opposed to a life insurance medical exam for a variety of reasons, and as such, many of our insurance companies are willing to offer non-medical exam term life insurance.

A decade ago, it was more expensive to buy non-exam term life than fully-underwritten term life, but with the innovative technology that is available today, the difference in premiums is minimal.

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