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Mesothelioma may be caused by exposure to asbestos, but it can take years for the disease to manifest in its fatal stages. There are a variety of symptoms that mesothelioma patients develop in its initial stages, often long before doctors are able to diagnose the condition. However, these symptoms can help mesothelioma patients prepare and make informed decisions about their treatment options beforehand. Mesothelioma cancer symptoms may include:

mesobook for mesothelioma mesobook for mesothelioma

1. Breathing problems  - This is one of the most common early symptoms of mesothelioma. Individuals who are diagnosed with this disease often experience difficulty in breathing, especially when they are sleeping. The pleural cavity, the sac-like area surrounding the lungs, can become inflamed as a result of this inflammation and the patient's ability to breathe may be impeded even further.

 In addition to being unable to breathe properly during sleep, people who have mesothelioma can also experience headaches due to pressure on the brain caused by their physical inability to exhale without causing pain in their head.

 Another less common symptom of mesothelioma is pleurisy, which can produce pain in the chest area and make breathing even more difficult.

 2. Chest pains  - Chest pains are perhaps the most common mesothelioma symptoms among patients with this condition. These pains are usually described as dull and achy, like a weight that is pressing down on your chest or making it difficult to breathe. It's important to note that these pains can be easily confused with signs of heart disease or other serious conditions, so it's important for patients to report chest pain symptoms immediately to their doctors so they can rule out other health problems while they pursue a diagnosis.

3. Weight loss  - Not all patients with mesothelioma will experience weight loss, but weight loss and muscle wasting can be a common early symptom of this disease. While the exact cause of these symptoms is not entirely understood, they are believed to be due to the disturbance of the normal balance and metabolism in the body related to mesothelioma's progression.

4. Seizures  - One of the more serious mesothelioma risks is seizures during treatment. Mesothelioma patients may experience seizures before they start their treatment or while they are undergoing chemotherapy to combat their disease.

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