mesothelioma guide in usa

mesotheliomaguide in usa


 The mesothelioma guide in usa is an article on mesothelioma and what it is. Mesothelioma is a type of rare cancer that occurs to the lining of your lungs, chest cavity, and heart. It can affect any age group but most often appears between 40-60 years old. The author discusses how much research has been done with mesothelioma as well as what you can do to get involved or find more information about this disease. He also discusses the symptoms of mesothelioma and how to protect yourself from getting it.

mesothelioma guide  : mesothelioma guide

The article states that the only way to get mesothelioma is to inhale or ingest asbestos fibers. However, the author does not mention that you can absorb asbestos fibers through your skin as well. He states that about 90% of Americans were exposed to it in some kind of job setting or environment, but this leaves out another 10% who were exposed without working with or around it. The article does state that since 1973, products containing asbestos are no longer used in the US due to safety reason for many people including firefighters, construction workers and others.

This article discusses many different treatments for mesothelioma, including chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. The author states that these are very effective in the beginning but in the end there is no known cure for the disease. He states that the most common treatment is chemotherapy but they have not talked about what it does to your body. Also, he states that some of these treatments are very invasive and dangerous, but he again does not discuss what they would do if you had a family or job to take care of and could not deal with all of that.

The author gives mesothelioma statistics like how many males versus females get it and how many people die from it per year. He also displays statistics of how much people make per year in the US and how they compare to other countries. He ends the article with some key take away points that people should know about mesothelioma but could not find. They are as follows:

"Asbestos is a carcinogen therefore it is best to avoid it by staying away from it. If you continue to work with asbestos fibers you risk getting mesothelioma so get proper training and check your employees."

"If you have lung cancer then do not go back to smoking or any other addictive habit until you know why your cancer came about. Although these products may be safe for others, if you are exposed to them it can cause mesothelioma.

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