Real Life Insurance Features & Benefits Add Optional Cover

Real Life Insurance Features & Benefits Add Optional


Life Insurance
Life Insurance

Real life insurance

How will your family face if you get seriously ill or even worse? Most Austral Strallians insure big things like their home, car or health, but what is the most valuable assets: your own life?

What is covered?

When you start your insurance Policy Lisy, you will be covered for death and terminal illness immediately in your spouse, partner or policy named D Facto 1. Not only that, but: If we need additional time to assess your application, free interim accidental death cover up to 30 days
If you are diagnosed with a terminal illness we will pay 100% in advance of your benefit (with less than 12 months to stay)
When we are assessing your claim, an advance of $ 10,000 to your family to assist in the immediate expense of the funeral
We have an alternative cover, including children's insurance, serious illness insurance and total and permanent disability

Features and benefits
Apply on the phone with a single Call l
No medical or blood tests required
Renewal 2 guaranteed for life
Make your premium fortnight or monthly payment at no additional cost
Choose the level of your own cover
Choose a different layer of cover for your spouse, partner or D Facto
Choose from a range of alternate cover for increased protection
You will get back the 10% premium you paid in the first 12 months with the actual prize ™
You will be assigned to your own claim specialist, located Australia Stralia for stress free claim experience
Your policy has been supported by the world's third largest rinsurer

Add an optional cover

Total and permanent disabled insurance
, Select the amount of benefit between 000 50,000 and Million 1 million (depending on your age)
If you are permanently disabled or cannot work due to permanent illness or injury, the full amount of your cover pays
Treatment, use payments for anything else you need to cover the costs of rehabilitation

Children's insurance
Cover your children in the age of 2 to 17
For each child's insurance, select the amount of benefit from 000 20,000, 000 50,000
Covering a range of obvious serious illnesses and injuries
Payed as a lump-sum if your child passes
Use the amount of benefit in any way you want

Insurance of serious illness
Australian Strallian residents aged 18 to 59
Maximum, up to 000 500,000, select the amount of benefit from 000 50,000
Cover for some common serious illnesses
Use the amount of benefit in any way you want

Real Term Life Cover
The actual term life cover is a fixed-term life insurance Policy Lisy that expires after 20 years or when you turn 85 years (whichever comes first). If you pass through this period or diagnosed with terminal illness, it pays cash benefits from $ 10,000, 000 100,000. This can help your loved ones with final costs or end costs such as paying Debt.

Also, the actual term life cover comes with a guaranteed cash payment when your cover is finished and life insurance benefits are finished. This means: Your ultimate cost gain with your protection continues for another 10 years. This benefit is about 20% of your life insurance benefit and you have no extra cost
After this time (or if you spend during this time) you or your family will receive the benefit of your final expenses full
Or for further relief, during this 10 -year period, you can Cash half of the final cost gain and end your policy.

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