Houston Oil Rig Accident Attorneys

Houston Oil Rig Accident Attorneys


Oil drilling is one of the largest industries in Texas. This sector of our state's economy employs both onshore and offshore workers to explore, drill and complete wells for crude petroleum. It also employs workers to operate the equipment that is used to prepare the oil to the point of shipment to the refinery.

Houston Oil Rig Accident Attorneys
Houston Oil Rig Accident Attorneys

Unfortunately, this industry is also one of the most dangerous. Blowouts occur on offshore drilling rigs and land-based oil wells, causing severe and often fatal burns. Serious injuries and even death can result from faulty or poorly maintained equipment, machinery and pipelines. Drilling workers also face the risk of falling from great heights, such as from derricks. Our Houston oil rig injury attorneys believe something needs to change.

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Drilling for oil is one of the most dangerous jobs in the nation

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, those employed in the oil and gas drilling industry have some of the most dangerous jobs in the entire United States. Oil and gas workers operate heavy machinery. Machinery has to be constantly inspected, repaired and supervised at all times. Just one slip can result in an accident.

At any given time, numerous things can go wrong while drilling for oil. Workers are expected to work 12 hours a day for 2 weeks. Not only is this boring, but the job comes with other inherent risks. Although employers are obligated to make working conditions as safe as possible, navigating the deck can quickly become disastrous. Sailors are often required to handle flammable materials with cranes swinging. Heavy equipment is everywhere. Hard hats and steel-toed boots are mandatory—and for good reason.

Serious oil rig accidents are not common, but when they do happen they can be quickly devastating. Although major disasters are usually avoided, more minor accidents can be devastating. Maritime workers are at high risk of spinal cord injuries, traumatic brain injuries and various other catastrophic injuries.

Common Drilling Rig Accidents and Injuries

The oil and gas industry is a dangerous field, but the work that rig workers do is admirable and necessary. Unfortunately, good workers are often harmed by unsafe practices, inadequate training, or outdated equipment. If you've been injured while working on a drilling rig, you may be looking for a way to rebuild your life, find a new line of work—or cover the at-fault party's medical expenses. Arnold and Itkin want to help.

Rig workers, onshore and offshore, may be at risk of suffering serious trauma from:

Sparks from equipment igniting flammable liquids and triggering explosions

Well blowouts, oil rig explosions, land rig explosions and production tank fires

Striking by dangling pipes, casings or cables

Crushed by the load of cargo or heavy equipment

Hands or feet caught in machinery

Equipment fails due to improper maintenance

Falls from derricks, unsecured ladders, platforms, hoists, slippery stairs and unsecured heights

Failure to evacuate or avoid extreme weather such as hurricanes and tropical cyclones

Remember, it's always best to speak directly with a legal professional about your case before speaking with insurance companies or company investigators. We handle hundreds of different cases arising out of all types of rig accidents. If you do not see an accident type that matches your situation, do not hesitate to contact us directly for more detailed information on how our offshore rig accident lawyers are ready to help you rebuild your life.

Texas oil rig death law firm helps families find answers

Oil rig accidents are so severe that many workers never return home. Our oil rig wrongful death lawyers are ready to demand answers when this happens. While we can't change what happened, we can make sure families have the financial security they deserve moving forward.

No one can determine how much a loved one means to us, but seeking help with wrongful death claims:

Family income before the accident

Costs lost from child care and parental guidance

Loss of consortium

Loss of companionship

Emotional pain and suffering

If your loved one has been murdered, you may wonder what you can do. You should know that you may be entitled to a wrongful death claim, a special type of claim. Some employers may try to protect themselves from wrongful death claims by having their employees sign a waiver that their families will not file a claim. However, those who have signed a waiver may also be able to receive compensation for pain and suffering or lost wages.

Oil Rig Accident FAQ

What causes oil rig accidents?

Ignored safety standards, aging equipment, carelessness or poor rig maintenance can lead to oil rig accidents. Working on the rig is dangerous, with 12-hour shifts and exhausting labor, not to mention working with flammable materials and heavy machinery. Even traveling by helicopter or boat to an offshore rig can be dangerous. Workers should not have to deal with unsafe working conditions, but many do every day -Unless they are seriously injured in preventable accidents. Our Houston, Texas oil rig injury law firm is here to help. If you have been injured, let our team determine the cause of your accident so we can seek justice on your behalf.

What injuries can result from oil rig accidents?

An accident on an oil rig can cause catastrophic injuries. This can include severe burns, crushing, and drowning or near drowning due to rig fires and explosions. Other injuries can include broken bones, back injuries, damage to internal organs, head trauma, and loss of a limb. The type and severity of an oil rig worker's injuries will depend on the type of accident and other factors, such as the type of work, whether heavy machinery was involved, and whether the worker had the proper safety gear.

What should I do after a drilling rig accident?

If you have been injured in a drilling rig accident, there are three critical steps you should take. First, seek medical care. Second, report the incident to your employer. Third, talk to an attorney. Taking each of these steps will help protect your health, eligibility for compensation, and legal rights. Working on an oil or gas drilling crew can be dangerous, but this does not limit your right to compensation for your injuries. At Arnold & Itkin, our drilling rig injury attorneys are here to ensure injured workers and their families receive the medical treatment and assistance they need after serious accidents and injuries on offshore and onshore drilling rigs. We have recovered billions of dollars in compensation for our clients and are ready to see how we can help you.

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At Arnold & Itkin, we are dedicated to helping victims of oil rig accidents obtain the financial compensation they deserve. If you have suffered a burn injury, skull fracture, or amputation/loss of a limb and you believe the accident was caused by another person's carelessness or negligence, we want to help you understand your rights. Have you suffered a serious injury while working on an oil rig? Our Houston personal injury law firm is here to look out for your best interests and fight for the legal protection you deserve. Call now for a free review of your case.

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