How to make URL SEO friendly in blogging?| How to Create URL in Blogger

The biggest SEO factor in the blogging world is URL. Ranking any article is difficult to imagine without URL

Hello friends, today I have come with a new post. The topic about which we are going to discuss today, you must have understood by seeing the title.


Friends, today we will discuss the special topic of blogging. Which can probably help you a lot. If you run a blog, or are new to blogging, then this article can teach you a lot..

Today, whatever article we read on the Internet, you must have seen that its link, that is, its URL, remains in a well organized way.

If you are using Blog then you must have to change it manually and that too according to your own.

But how to change and how to change so that the post ranks as soon as possible, we are going to talk about that below in this post.

That's why you must read this post till the end. So let's go ahead

How to Create URL in Blogger

Its URL plays a very important role in the ranking of any article. In such a situation, if the URL is not created properly, then writing a good article can prove to be useless.

If you do blogging from Blogger.Com, then you will read further about how you will give the URL. So let's first know how the URL is made SEO optimized.

How to make URL SEO friendly in blogging?

There are certain things that you should follow while creating the URL of any article. That is

URL Length

The URL of the article should be such that any search engine bot can easily read it and rank it in Google search as well.

If you understand well, then it is mostly found that the URL which contains the Long Tail keyword, that article ranks quickly in Google search.

In such a situation, keep in mind that if you increase the length of the URL, then it may be that your article will rank in Google search as quickly as possible and you will also get traffic from it.

If you take a look, you will find that the permalink ie URL of most news articles is very big, in such a situation the chances of ranking also become very big.

There is one more theory regarding this. In which mostly you will see Short Tail Keyword ie URL is shortened.

Whenever you read someone's biography, you will see that the URL of that article is made very short.

That is, the permalink after the home page URL is kept short. Actually this is also the way to rank in a search engine.

You can keep the URL short on some topics like a biography article, in which someone's biography has been described, and you can make it SEO friendly.

That is why the length of the URL will be bigger or smaller, it depends on the topic of that article above.

If the topic of the article is about someone, then you can keep the URL of the article short. But if the article is written on a particular thing, as you will see in this article, the URL ie Permalink is kept big.

In the same way, it depends on the article itself that how much length ie how much you have to increase and how short you have to make its URL.


If you read the article of any news or any big platform in the Internet, then you must have seen that its URL also contains article related keywords. Just like the keywords appear in the article.

While creating the URL of the article, you must also keep in mind that you must put the article related keyword in the permalink.

the subject of the article

This is the most important thing that should happen while creating the URL.

Because any search engine is able to scan and index an article according to its URL and it further ranks in Google's page.

In such a situation, if you want to rank your article on a particular keyword, then it is imperative that you create a URL about that article itself.

For example, suppose you are writing about a particular topic, then you have to create only a good URL about that particular topic. In which you can also enter any particular keyword of the subject in which you want to rank this article in Google.

In front of any blogger, these three things contribute the most in making the URL SEO friendly.

You should always keep these three things in mind while creating the URL of the article.

Process to create URL of article in Blogger

We learned to make URL SEO friendly. But now we know about how to make URL in blogger through some steps.

First Step

Open your Blogger Dashboard.

Second Step

Then open the article in which you do not want to enter the URL.

Third Step

Then you will see the Post Setting option on the top right side. In which there will be an option "Permalink", you have to tap in it. Take help of the picture below.

Fourth Step

Now you see two setting

From which you have to select the option of custom permalink

Fifth Step

Now a blank space will open in front of you. In which you have to carefully create the url of your article.

There is no need for you to enter the full url, just like the screenshot shown below.

Some important information to create URL

While writing the URL of the article in Blogger, keep in mind some of the things given below

Never use a special character while creating an URL.

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